About Clinic

About Our Clinic

Dr Rabaa Alhajeri Center for Family Medicine & Diabetes established on 1/1/2016 opened its doors and took its first significant steps towards becoming one of the medical facilities in Kingdom of Bahrain which provide the quality of management care for diabetic patients and caring of family medical problems.


What is exceptionally unique about our family practice is that we offer state of the art clinical care in a personalized and supportive environment.

The vision of Dr Rabaa AlHajeri Center for Family Medicine and Diabetes is to serve as a national resource center in the treatment and education of Diabetes Mellitus.

The mission of Dr Rabaa AlHajeri Center For Family Medicine and Diabetes is to prevent diabetes and its complications through health promotion, patient education& providing innovative patient care and related services with the hope of improving the overall quality of life for those who are affected .

Our Values


We will serve our patients and their families, physicians, staff and communities with dignity and respect.


We will integrate our public health, preventive, emergency and rehabilitative programs with a full range of primary to tertiary medical service.


We will serve the ever-changing needs of our urban and suburban populations, while honoring their ethnic, religious and cultural differences.


We will apply a high degree of medical, nursing and technical management in a professional and accountable manner.


We will collaborate with Bahrain universities, schools and other institutions to support a premier learning environment for all members of our community.


We will conduct research that will lead to major improvements in health care and health status for all people, and further scientific advances in medicine.

Cost Effectiveness

We will develop and participate in community-based and managed-care programs that promote affordable, responsible and high-quality health care.

Take an active role in your Healthcare

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