Diabetes Family Support

Diabetes Family Support

Why might someone with diabetes need the help and support of their family?

Living with diabetes is not easy, and unfortunately once it has developed diabetes does not go away. In order to successfully manage diabetes, most diabetics need to make some serious lifestyle changes.

Learning how to monitor and control blood sugar levels can take time, and the threat of serious health problems never goes away.

For this reason, a person who has diabetes may need the help and support of their family.

Diabetics may face numerous complications and may also be more prone to depression and stress.

How can one help relatives with diabetes?

Education is the key to helping people with diabetes, just as it is in preventing type 2 diabetes.

Learn as much as you can, because the more you understand about the disease, the more you can help.

Be sympathetic about the condition, particularly for those people who have been newly diagnosed with diabetes.

Diabetes can be an insidious and frustrating condition, and induces fear in some people.

What healthy changes should I encourage my relative to make?

If you and your relative share meal times, make sure that they eat the same healthy food that you do. Try not to buy any types of food that he or she shouldn’t eat.

Diabetics need to stay aware of their diet, and if you understand a healthy diabetic diet this can be all the easier to communicate to your relative. Exercise is another fundamental part of diabetes management.

Relatives can make exercising easier by agreeing to exercise together, although each diabetic should speak to their healthcare adviser in order to find out what type of exercise will suit their condition.

What else can I do to help the diabetic or diabetics in my family?

Knowledge is power here, and if you can learn how to recognise any signs of problems, you could be a genuine help.

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