Dr. Rabaa Alhajeri

Presently serves as Consultant Family Physician and Diabetologist and She is the director of Dr Rabaa Alhajeri center for Family medicine and Diabetes & a lecturer in the Royal College of Surgeon in Ireland.

Dr. Rabaa Alhajeri holds a Bachelor degree in Medicine, Irish Board in Family Practice, Arab Board in Family Medicine, and Diploma and Master degree in Diabetes. She was a coordinator of central diabetes clinic in Primary Health Care and Public Health at Ministry of health from 2010 – 2015.

Along with her 15-years-of-experience in Medicine, Dr. Al Hajeri a member in Bahrain Diabetes Society and aboard member in gulf group for study of Diabetes also Dr Rabaa took part in numerous programs for promoting health care and diabetes awareness. Furthermore, she organized and facilitated various seminars and workshops in Diabetes prevention and complications.

Education & Training

  • Bachelor degree in Medicine
  • Irish Board in Family Practice
  • Arab Board in Family Medicine
  • Diploma and Master degree in Diabetes
  • Publications
    Sexual Dysfunction in Jordanian Diabetic Women Ruba M. Abu Ali, MD, Rabaa M. Al Hajeri, MD, Yousef S. Khader, SCD, Nadima S. Shegem, MD, and Kamel M. Ajlouni, MD, FACE

Areas of Expertise

  • Diabetologist
  • Consultant Family Physician

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