Our Team

Mona Hajei

Health Educator

Mona Haji Ghulam, Health Educator graduated from Nottingham University College of Health Science, Nottingham, UK.

Dr. Rabaa Alhajeri


Dr. Rabaa Alhajeri holds a Bachelor degree in Medicine, Irish Board in Family Practice

Dr. Amal Alghanem


Dr Alghanem is Board member in Bahrain Medical Society, Financial Secretary in the Bahrain Family...

Dr. Fatema Al Alawi


Graduated from Arabian Gulf University, college of Medicine in Bahrain.

Sherin Joy Antony


Highly focused on the welfare and comfort of patients, and always adhering to nursing code.

Semi Skaria


Proven ability to build positive relationships with patients, family members, physicians and other medical professionals.

Take an active role in your Healthcare

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